'Second screen gaming is massive!': We've only scratched the surface, says NFS Rivals dev

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'Second screen gaming is massive!': We've only scratched the surface, says NFS Rivals dev

Second screen gaming — introduced by Nintendo with Wii U and now an important feature of both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One — allows game developers to be far more powerful and creative, according to Need for Speed: Rivals executive producer Marcus Nilsson.

In an interview with MMGN at Gamescom, Nilsson said developers are only just beginning to use the technology to its potential.

"Second screen gaming is massive," he said. "I think we've only seen the surface of what can be achieved."

While it's great that tablets are being used for the obvious things according to Nilsson — "let's customise your car on the tablet," he quipped — there's a deeper opportunity to enhance the ways gamers interact with software.

"We now have a much more powerful way of creating gameplay, not in a sense that's on the TV and then moving it to the tablet, but what I'm playing on the TV can be monitored by this, a tablet," he explained.

"So if you think about what is really possible, the next layer of what's possible, we haven't seen anywhere near everything."

Most importantly, Nilsson explained, it allowed developers to make better use of next-gen hardware.

"We've been talking about 'what is next gen' and how do you change the games. The truth is that from the get-go, it was matter of how we could change the gameplay. Because we always knew the games would be very good. Titanfall, Battlefield 4, they all look really good, but is all we can do really the gameplay?

"We can launch new ways to play the game, and really experiment in creative, innovative ways."

Does second screen gaming interest you, and do you think it can take off like Nilsson suggests?

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'Second screen gaming is massive!': We've only scratched the surface, says NFS Rivals dev Comments

  • stublu 41483 XP 06/09/2013
    Not to me it's not.
  • 1wiierdguy 9639 XP 06/09/2013 +6
    Ha ha! Says second screen gaming is Massive! Doesn't bring game to Wii U. [Shifty]
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  • PS3sR2Dear 685 XP 06/09/2013
    If you meant to say 2nd screen.....as a Browser, Video Call, Chat, FB, TW, etc, yeah, I've been screaming for a dual head console FOR YEARS, but no-ones listening to me.
    Dual Head is the absolute BEST.
  • Armige 7354 XP 06/09/2013
    It's a phase like 3D was.
  • 1wiierdguy 9639 XP 07/09/2013

    @Armige said: It's a phase like 3D was.

    Nope, although I wish it was. Watching TV your constantly encouraged to use a second screen to tweet your opinion, cast your vote, get exclusive mobile content etc. etc. Gaming is following the same route, use a second screen to see stats, modify strategy, customize your game etc. etc. It's only going to become more and more integrated.
  • eltoNNNNNN 11192 XP 10/09/2013
    They must be hiding these massive games from us
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