Destiny beta code giveaway: Watch the latest gameplay trailer!

by Gaetano Prestia 57 Comments 25 Likes 29,415 Views 01/05/2014 Back to Xbox One news Destiny

Bungie's first non-Halo game in forever, Destiny, is looking to redefine the FPS genre.

The latest trailer -- which clocks in at 6-minutes of pure awesome -- gives us one of the deepest looks yet into the fascinating world of Destiny.

And to celebrate this exciting new look, we're giving you the chance to win one of 20 beta access codes.

How To Win A Code

It's really simple: watch the trailer below, and tell us which part made you most excited for Destiny, and why!

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It might be the variety of weapons on offer, or the battle with the Hive Knight! Tell us about the trailer, and why it's made you excited for Destiny.

That's it!

We'll pick 20 of the most excited Destiny fans to get beta access on a platform of their choice!

Go on: get watchin'!

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Destiny beta code giveaway: Watch the latest gameplay trailer! Comments

  • Homedad 1612 XP 30/04/2014
    Where do you start, the graphics , co-op play, special abilities ,power ups, guns guns guns
  • barkley 5104 XP 30/04/2014
    Man this looks awesome!
    I love a good co-op game :)

    i feels to me like a combination of halo and gears of war in a super mash-up which is dreammmmyyy [Derp] [Derp] [Derp]
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  • KezDaMuss 2000 XP 30/04/2014
    Looks like a Borderlands and Halo meld with awesome next gen graphics to me!

    Looking forward to the Co-Op
  • Killjoy 63208 XP 30/04/2014
    Haven't played a great co-op game since Borderlands 2, and this one looks like it'll take the cake!
    Really can't wait for this!
  • icemanff23 132 XP 30/04/2014
    Having your own aircraft to fly to different districts in Destiny. I felt its amazing that it allows for travelling in game and making it more fun to have to fly around with your friends flying right besides you. :D
  • NRadtke 40 XP 30/04/2014
    this game gets the SHUT UP & TAKE MY MONEY statement cause its looks awesome and epic at the same time. Can't wait to play this with my friends on Xbox ONE when it comes out
  • Letrico 245 XP 30/04/2014
    That homing Grenade at 2:17
  • pokemon12 8363 XP 30/04/2014
    Because it's Bungie! Bungie make the most amazing games. I played the Halo games all through my childhood, and i can't wait to see what their next step in gaming will be like!
  • SCREAM 51 XP 30/04/2014
    Everything about it just screams innovation to me! I can see myself clocking hundreds of hours into this!
  • mingus 4 XP 30/04/2014
    Love the graphics and the co-operative gameplay. Definitely something different to Halo and i have a feeling it's gonna get more fast-pace, what with all the abilities and all that. Looking forward to playing this game.
  • Gryllis 371665 XP 30/04/2014
    I really just want to mess around and explore the world. Hopefully they show some more of that at E3!
  • xfighter 1430 XP 30/04/2014
    looks great cant wait, love the co-op and the huge open worlds
  • Yabby11 3 XP 30/04/2014
    I love the way they are making the universe of Destiny. I hope that games story and all the places and enemies feel like they really belong. It has been a long time since a good co-op shooter maintained a high quality story line and a fully fleshed out world.
  • GhostHawk 16 XP 30/04/2014
    I love the Abilities they look really good, great animation, great abilities, I love the new Grenades! and the Co-op part I think will be the best :D
  • Luke121 2 XP 30/04/2014
    Omg I'm drooling right now!! It's so freaking sick! The best things is BY FAR that Duke mk.44! It looks like its op, sort of like using the m6d on legendary in halo ce!! And that shotgun LOOKS MAD!!!!!! Still drooling!! [Derp] [Derp] [Derp] [Derp] [Derp]
  • Cameron731 2 XP 30/04/2014
    I love all the awesome graphics of the game because I love good scenery! The powers that the character used were also really cool because of its fantastic destructive power! *_* :D (*)
  • Brandon553 2 XP 30/04/2014
    <3 Looks amazing guys, keep up the good work.
  • Sneakybush 6 XP 30/04/2014
    WE GOT TOMAHAWKS going for that montage :D
  • Mack6785 2 XP 30/04/2014
    The bit that got me most excited would either have to be when they looked up at space and them graphics and just all that space to explore or the first to shotgun moments cause they just whipped out the shotgun and just took over everything
  • Bloard 23662 XP 30/04/2014
    I'm a big player of MMOs and so far Destiny looks to fill a niche that a lot of other FPSMMOs have just failed to do. Looks super interesting, especially the third-person powery stuff in the video. I want to know more. Bungie did a great job with the Halo universe so I'm excited to see where they go with Destiny.
  • Raptor_Bro 2 XP 30/04/2014
    This looks amazing. Can't wait!!! Bungie has just taken it to the next level with FPS. The campaign looks stunning with those clean graphics and great sounds it has to be a winner for me. If this then goes on really well with the multiplayer it will be massive hit that will knock other FPS out of the park. 10/10 for me. Can't wait for more trailers. :D (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) / (*) (*) (*) (*) (*)
  • Zailee 11 XP 01/05/2014
    I wasn't excited for Destiny till now. I thought it was going to be, just another shooter in a long line of the same old same old. I've been getting tired of the genre.
    But the trailer proved my imaginings wrong. It takes elements from great games I enjoy, and that is enough on its own to wheel me in.

    The part that made me the most excited? 2:53. The first time you see a powerup or something. I don't know what it is, but god I want to know!
  • Andrew541 2 XP 01/05/2014
    This game has pretty much everything I like jammed into one game! guns, free roam, magic/powers, futuristic look, spaceships the list goes on. I would buy this game for my friends just to get them to play it and experience the epic awesomeness of Nex Gen Gaming, this game is in a league of it's own!
  • Blake843 4 XP 01/05/2014
    really excited for a new co-op experience and discovering new weapons and upgrade combinations while kicking some alien ass with friends in an open world, can't wait
  • Dion1081 4 XP 01/05/2014
    Damn what can I say I have waited years for a game like Destiny, my friends and I really love co-up and the level of play looks insane. cant wait for it to com out.
  • Dion1081 4 XP 01/05/2014
    Damn what can I say I have waited years for a game like Destiny, my friends and I really love co-up and the level of play looks insane. cant wait for it to com out.
  • Fembot360 12 XP 01/05/2014
    OHMG The guns! They look so unique and like so much fun to use. The scopes, the variety, oh and the quick look we had at the shotgun. You can tell it's made by Bungie purely due to the originality of the weapons and enemy types. Drool [Derp] [Derp]
  • Weallly 75 XP 01/05/2014
    My favourite part was 0:00-6:59. [Derp] Also how Peter Dinklage is voicing your ghost!
    There are a few similarities to Borderlands, but nevertheless it looks exceptional and very hyped to see how this plays.
  • adjac 712 XP 01/05/2014
    Cant wait to get my dualshock im my hands and take apart all the different enemies with all the awesome guns!! [Derp] [Derp] [Derp]
  • Cleo226 22 XP 01/05/2014
    Love the graphics, weapons, open world setting, a dynamic developing experience
  • MyFragian 14827 XP 01/05/2014
    I think the large environment along with the atmosphere make this game look really intriguing :D
  • Emchow 4 XP 01/05/2014
    Awesome campaign mode while playing with friends! EPIC! Also those special abilities *_*
  • Faenhir 2 XP 01/05/2014
    I just love how smooth and polished the game looks :D Everything we've seen of Destiny, from moving between areas and engaging enemies in firefights, to getting killed and having a teammate bring you back from the brink... it all just flows beautifully! It's fantastic! *_*
  • Mark389 2 XP 01/05/2014
    It made me soooo excited to play this. The battle with the Hive Knight looks totally amazing. I'm in love with this already :) *_*
  • oNaBuZz 5 XP 01/05/2014
    This game looks amazing. I cant wait to kill me loads of devils, and take out the devils lair. [MOG]
  • Kris6156 2 XP 01/05/2014
    Fire team missions with mates and copious amounts of SPACE MAGIC!!! Bring it on!!
  • Number4 8 XP 01/05/2014
    Best thing about Destiny... hmmm. How about THE EVERYTHING.
    That pretty much sums it up. Yeah. ^_^
  • maxchickens 131 XP 01/05/2014
    Man, there's so much Bungie influence from scenery to weapons to movement. It looks awesome. Being able to get on with a group of friends in co-op is what's exciting me most though.
  • Jtec 62 XP 01/05/2014
    Woah! I can't wait! Looks like it has great combat variety, and cool weapons. Very reminiscent of Borderlands, which I loved! Definitely can't wait to play this one hours on end with my friends. :D
  • Shedon747 2 XP 01/05/2014
    Ok this game just looks PURELY THRICKING EPIC there is no way to describe but pure awsome every thing about is awsome especially the graphics co-op and the way the weapons look and one other thing is the a i enemy look and fight really cool :) :) :) :) :)
  • nickwalnut 79 XP 01/05/2014
    The voice acting. Because Bill Nighy's voice makes me moist
  • Mintees 2 XP 01/05/2014
    I can't wait for this game.Finally a bungee shooter I can play on my Playstation. I'm extremely excited [Derp]
  • apps33 2 XP 01/05/2014
    The epic scope is the best and will keep us all coming back for more!
  • fergijay13 2 XP 01/05/2014
    this is so hard to say cause its all so amazing but if i had to choose im loving the story line of this game and the special abilities that you have during battle and all of the weapons that they have for you to use im loving this game i dont see how anyone couldnt this game is all me and my friends talk about anymore lol ^_^
  • Chris9251 2 XP 01/05/2014
    I want to bungie jump into this amazing game. It has been at the top of my wants since it was introduced to the public. Now if I can get in the Beta I would just pee myself with glee. Yep, that sounds wrong, but how many things can you barely contain yourself on?
  • sein 212 XP 02/05/2014
    All those weapons made me drool!

  • Kenneth2030 2 XP 02/05/2014
  • pehtaytoe 8 XP 02/05/2014
    I'm looking forward to the part that looks like it's from Daft Punk. :P

    Aside from that the graphics look great, the co-op looks amazing and the story sounds interesting. [Derp] [Derp]
  • Carl968 784 XP 02/05/2014
    Those weapons and Powers look amazing and being able to switch it up and play the way that suits you [WTF] [Derp]
  • GhoStories 2 XP 03/05/2014
    Man this looks crazy!!! the maps look legendary, you've still got the halo feel, which for me makes me want to get this game even more, Bungie is one of the best out there for making first person shooters
  • Kathy821 2 XP 04/05/2014
    I want I,want to play, Destiny today
  • Brock83 2 XP 04/05/2014
    The very first game I ever played was Halo Combat Evolved and I'll be honest I didn't finish it because I was young and it was confusing. But I've always backed up Bungie and I love you guys. You were my childhood and I want to continue having you in my life. When I was going through chemo everyday I'd come home and play Halo Reach which is the truth you can ask my mother. Plus I'd watch RVB during the chemo plus other Rooster Teeth videos and they wouldn't be so big without Halo which is because of you guys, it's possible you're the reason I'm alive cause you all helped through the bad times. Make a Wish gave me a Xbox One for having cancer and it'd be awesome to have another game to play it on. Even if I don't get the Beta I'm just happy you all know you'll always have a special place in my heart. <3
  • James499 36 XP 05/05/2014
    lets you see and give that feeling that you are there we all love to be heros and winners
  • MoeMan 56335 XP 22/05/2014
  • MadMoshi 2 XP 11/06/2014
    The guardians' super abilities that obliterates the enemies. I will be so bad-ass in Destiny! [Derp]
  • Tobisnowmn 2 XP 12/07/2014
    I really like that the classes don't really seem restricted to roles, for instance you can be a titan that shoots from a distance or a hunter that is a front fighter. I generally looove games where there is no real "support class, tank class and damage class" but only classes where you can decide what kind of role you want to fill in :D
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