The legacy of Don Mattrick: The quotes that mattered

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Don Mattrick is leaving Xbox to take over as CEO at Farmville creator Zynga.

Mattrick leaves a lasting legacy on the Xbox brand. When he joined Microsoft in 2007 after 25 years with Electronic Arts, the company's Xbox division was struggling with a stalled install base and aggressive challenges from Sony's PlayStation 3 and Nintendo's record-breaking Wii.

Mattrick was up to the challenge, however, helping instigate an industry resurgence as Xbox grew into a sustainable and profitable business after years of struggles.

His time as Xbox boss was not without controversy though, particularly in his closing months as head as one of the world's largest game companies.

Here are the ten quotes Mattrick leaves along with his legacy. Did he make or break the Xbox brand? You decide. Tell us below!

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The legacy of Don Mattrick: The quotes that mattered Comments

  • Gryllis 371665 XP 02/07/2013 +6
    I'll miss you, Don Mattress.
  • Aeschylus 4887 XP 02/07/2013
    have to agree... if u don't like xbox none then go back to xbox 360 or xbox original... how many boxes do you people want.
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  • Pact 21951 XP 02/07/2013
    Goodbye Robert Xbox.
  • Matteh 163230 XP 02/07/2013
    How he is still working with the company I do not know.
  • Sparkie 4 XP 08/07/2013
    Look, if they made the xbox one backwards compatible, they would be truly moving people into the future. People wouldn't need to continue buying 360s, they could stop making them and instead move everybody into the future.
    Also, it would give them a +1 on Sony. -_-
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