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Nathan Misa is the senior games writer, reviewer and contributor for MMGN and its ninemsn counterpart, GamesFix .

Nathan has enjoyed video games as a hobby since a young age, and as a result, has a soft spot for the Nintendo 64 and Gamecube gaming eras. These days, his main focus encompasses all of the latest and greatest gaming experiences. However, he is MMGN's self-proclaimed RPG fanatic above all else; any game in particular to have a an emphasis on exploration, customisation, crazy Japanese characters with ridiculously cool hairstyles or all of the above makes him spend money irrationally.

Nathan is also a big fan of novels and television, citing A Song of Ice and Fire as his all-time favourite fictional work, and The Wire, The Shield, Oz and Breaking Bad as his all-time favourite shows. It is preferable for others to never get into an argument with him about what book or television show is better because, like all ASOIAF and The Wire loyalists, no novel or television show will ever be better made, better produced, yet grossly underrated.

Nathan encourages all MMGN members to message him with questions, bombard his articles with commentary and add him on Xbox Live, PSN or Nintendo Network for a casual (or competitive) game of just about anything.


Favourite Game(s): Tales of Symphonia, Animal Crossing, TES IV: Oblivion, Dark Souls, Persona 4
Secret Shame Favourite Game: Def Jam: Fight for New York
Favourite Console: Nintendo Gamecube
Favourite Genre(s): RPG and FPS

Contact Info

Twitter: @nathmisa
MMGN PM: Nathan's Profile
Google+: Nathan's Profile <a rel="author"

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