Ben Salter

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Ben is the self-proclaimed most hilarious member of the MMGN editorial team, and is perhaps best known for narrowly beating Jotendo for the 2008 MyWii Sexiest Admin Award (despite also being the governing body).

That also happens to be the same year in which he joined the MMGN staff as a freelancer, before aspiring to higher internet ranks. In 2012 he literally stole Gaetano Prestia's chair as editor of MMGN, a massive coup considering it's the least broken chair to be found at MMGN HQ.

Favourite Game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Secret Shame Favourite Game: Sonic Adventure 2:Battle
Favourite Console: Nintendo 64
Favourite Genre: Action-Adventure
Favourite MMGN Moment: The Wiid00d saga of 2008 was epic. Poor Woody. Also anything to do with the Kenninator.

Contact Info

Twitter: @Ben_Salter
Email: ben[at]
MMGN PM: Ben's Profile

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