Two Wii U updates will address lag

by Ben Salter 2 Comments 8 Likes 1,324 Views 24/01/2013 Back to Wii U news Wii U

Two Wii U updates will address lag

Nintendo is intent on rectifying the Wii U's horrifying lag issues and has confirmed not one, but two, upcoming patches are designed to fix the issue.

During this morning's Nintendo direct, president Satoru Iwata apologised for making players wait too long when switching from a game to the menu.

One of the updates will also include the Virtual Console, which has been revealed to a mixed reception.

By Ben Salter

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Two Wii U updates will address lag Comments

  • barters81 8615 XP 24/01/2013
    What lag issues?
  • 1wiierdguy 9878 XP 18/04/2013
    Faster load times, boot straight to Wii mode, Virtual Console, automatic updates and installs, start an update and even if you turn the Wii U off the update will finish downloading and automatically install. :)
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