This is how much Wii U VC game upgrades cost in Australia

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This is how much Wii U VC game upgrades cost in Australia

Earlier today, Nintendo announced that we will need to pay a reduced price to reinstall Virtual Console games on Wii U that we already own on Wii.

In the US, it costs US $0.99 and $1.50 for NES and SNES games respectively.

Nintendo Australia has confirmed similar, yet slightly more expensive prices.

To redownload a NES game you've already bought, you'll need to pay $AU 1.30 / $NZ 1.70 per game.

For a SNES game it's $AU 1.95 / $NZ 2.55.

If you don't already own the games, NES games will cost $6.50, while SNES games are priced at $10.40.

However, once a month, Nintendo will reduce a classic NES title to just 30 cents. This month you can download Balloon Fight for the price of a Macca's soft-serve.

By Ben Salter

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This is how much Wii U VC game upgrades cost in Australia Comments

  • ZidaneRick 2 XP 24/01/2013
    Freaking ripoff, once you pay for a game you shouldn't have to repurchase it on every single system afterwards. I would rather spend that $6.50 on buying the actual original NES cart and play it on the proper system. It's not like the games are better quality they are just being upscaled. I could understand perfectly for something like the 3D NES games on the 3DS, because some work was required in rebuilding the game but when all you are doing is tacking a rom on an emulator it's a freaking crime.
  • DrBigLove 0 XP 24/01/2013
    What about if they were installed to the SD card and you just stick it in the Wii U
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  • M@ndyz 251995 XP 24/01/2013
    30cents sounds good to me
  • Jayden27 4641 XP 24/01/2013
    Seems a little silly Nintendo.... you seem capable of charging the same price here with the NES promotion, but with normal VC games it's higher?

    "No one's got time for that!"
  • kangle4 39579 XP 24/01/2013 +1
    You're paying for an upgraded version of the game.
  • davidhes 1630 XP 24/01/2013 +4
    Your getting a new version of the game for a small fee. If you want to play it for free on your wii u, you already can, through the wii menu. If you want to pay the upgrade you will get the added benefits of miiverse and playable on the gamepad. Worth the small fee to upgrade.
  • Tj866 581 XP 25/01/2013
    anything digital you own you don't actually own
  • Tj866 581 XP 25/01/2013
  • Killjoy 63208 XP 24/01/2013 +3
    Well in fairness, it's not like all they need to do is get the Wii VC versions and add Gamepad support; They need to do it all all over again. So it's fair enough, I reckon.
  • Tsunamo 74548 XP 24/01/2013 +1
    They're still 50htz though.
  • Martieman 0 XP 25/01/2013
    I'm wondering how exactly you can show them that you actually own the game you want to download, to reduce the price of getting it.
  • Gryllis 371665 XP 25/01/2013
    I get this argument, but I don't really agree with it.

    There's no reason for digital games not to be backwards compatible. And it should be compatible with the control device(s) of the new console, not the awkward old ones (in the case of the Wii Classic Controller, why can't I at least use the Wii U Pro Controller?).

    HD upgrades I'm willing to pay a little for. Digital versions of physical games I already own I'm willing to pay for. Adding a new controller to digital versions of games I already own is going too far.
  • Heller 186978 XP 25/01/2013 +3
    Here's what everyone seems to be forgetting - THEY ARE BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE. You can still access your entire VC library from the Wii menu. It's not a big deal guys! If you don't want to pay the fee for a redeveloped. save state capable version of your games that are compatible with EVERY control scheme on the Wii U, then go play your original copy on the Wii menu!
  • 1wiierdguy 9880 XP 25/01/2013
    It will automatically be the reduced price as long as you have done the Wii to Wii U transfer or bought the game on the Wii shop within your Wii U's Wii mode.
  • 1wiierdguy 9880 XP 25/01/2013
    Whilst I can see both sides of the argument here, I think the small fee is worth it. You get to play VC titles on the Gamepad, or with pretty much any Wii or Wii U controller, with save state support, with button mapping and support for two Gamepads. Not to mention they will look better than ever running upscaled through HDMI. The hardest part for me is going to be the wait! 6 months till the service launches with just a selection of Nes and Snes titles. How long after that until I can play some 64 on my Gamepad?
  • Pilkingbod 101515 XP 25/01/2013 +2
    This isn't a complicated issue.

    Think of it as DLC... you still have full access to the original game that you payed for, with absolutely no restrictions. You're merely paying a little extra for a little extra.

    That's it.
  • davidhes 1630 XP 26/01/2013
    Exactly right Heller. Over the whinging about having to pay again already. You do not need to pay a single cent to play any of your wii virtual console games on your wii u. They are all 100% compatible, with the same functionality that you paid for. If you want to pay a small fee to access new features, you can. Petty damn simple. I think what they've done is pretty damn fair system. They aren't forcing you to pay anymore and still allowing you to enjoy your content.
  • sjt333 251274 XP 25/01/2013

    Pilkingbod said: This isn't a complicated issue.
    Think of it as DLC... you still have full access to the original game that you payed for, with absolutely no restrictions. You're merely paying a little extra for a little extra.
    That's it.

    but dont you understand they are ripping us off

  • Gryllis 371665 XP 25/01/2013
    You know what, I'll be happy to pay the upgrade fee for 1 or 2 games, but I'm going to be hesitant about buying new games, since I'm not convinced Wii U will last all that long.

    Nintendo's just made me wary about needing to do this and possibly pay more again in 3 years.

    Digital games should transfer from one platform to another, and that means working with the major control input of that device. At the very least, surely it wouldn't have been any harder to get them to work on the GamePad but otherwise be the same. There shouldn't be a fee for that, considering I already paid $10 for these old games.

    If these were 99 cent games, then maybe. But they weren't.

    On that, iPhone games constantly get free updates. I don't see why the same couldn't apply to a slight control modification.

    Sure, Nintendo don't HAVE to give these updates away for free, but think about the people who are going to upgrade them. The faithful Nintendo fans, the ones who pine for the old days. It would have been nice if Nintendo said "hey thanks for sticking with us, have some cool updates to these classic games you already bought and we're sorry it was missing 2-3 months ago."
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