Director's injury threatens Super Smash Bros' development

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Director's injury threatens Super Smash Bros development

A serious and lingering arm injury to Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai could threaten development of the upcoming Wii U and 3DS games.

Sakurai revealed that he struggles to type and use a controller because of calcific tendonitis and ruptures in his arm muscles in his weekly Famitsu column.

"If this disorder lingers, or never gets fixed, there's no telling what impact that would have on [Super Smash Bros.]," he wrote, as translated by Polygon.

"There's no instant cure for it, so all I can do is either block the pain with injections or put my arm in a cast to keep the ruptures from spreading. I was told that the important thing was to keep my arm as rested as possible. In order to get it fully healed, the only thing is to not use my right arm or hand. So not only am I using a trackball with my left hand; now I'm using it to eat, brush my teeth, wash my hair, and even drive as much as I'm able to."

Play-testing is proving to be Sakura's biggest challenge, but as director, he finds lack of time to be a bigger issue. He's always in demand.

By Ben Salter

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Director's injury threatens Super Smash Bros' development Comments

  • Blob 41736 XP 28/02/2013
    Delay the game for your own health, man!
  • Karnu 23071 XP 28/02/2013 +2
    That'll teach him for taking out Melee tech and having Meta Knight broken.
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  • chucky110 36928 XP 28/02/2013
    Release the games, then worry about your arm
  • renagadez 86128 XP 28/02/2013
    Hot damn! Rest young Sakurai!

    Could he just tell someone what to do? Liiiike a helper monkey?
  • Josh 4525 XP 28/02/2013
    Play testers?
    I can help, Sakurai-sama! :D

    But in all seriousness, he should rest up and priortise his health over working on the games.
  • Killjoy 63208 XP 01/03/2013 +2
  • sjt333 251274 XP 02/03/2013
    up the tripping rate exponentially

    make it show the hammer always has to be on
  • Matteh 163230 XP 17/03/2013
    He could become the supervisor and let the testing go to his workers? Pretty sure this wouldn't delay the game that much.
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