Hyrule Warriors

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    Blob 39930 XP 19/12/2013 Original Post
    Announced in Nintendo Direct.

    Zelda x Dynasty Warriors crossover game

    Coming 2014

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    zurczner 5415 XP 19/12/2013
    And its awesome O.O
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  • Wii U Member
    Hardy4real 611 XP 19/12/2013
    I went mega crazy when I saw that debut trailer during Nintendo Direct recently! Hope Zelda spin-off game can help boost Wii U's sales next year. Gameplay looks fun! ^_^
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    Olly 31789 XP 19/12/2013
    This looks brilliant! Can't wait for this to hit! [Derp]
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    Vanquish 2765 XP 19/12/2013
    Wow it's even got the Dodongo boss from OoT.

    Looks like it's going to be great.
  • Wii U Member
    Kenni 373177 XP 19/12/2013
    Nintendo's wetting my appetite and it's not caused by Metroid. Looks like I'll be investing soon. [Shifty]
  • Wii U Member
    Pilkingbod 98364 XP 19/12/2013
    Can't... prevent... erection...
  • Wii U Member
    Matteh 162668 XP 19/12/2013
    That looks brilliant!
  • Wii U Member
    Gryllis 330744 XP 19/12/2013
    I hope Tecmo Koei don't ballz it - Dynasty Warriors has been the same old thing for years.

    Good move by Nintendo to essentially force a third party exclusive on Wii U by using their own world, but I suspect there's a reason they're branding it as Hyrule and not Zelda.
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    MoeMan 53589 XP 20/12/2013
    this looks so cool.
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    cmpa1970 14470 XP 26/12/2013
    gonna be an instant download for me! :D
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    Guyver 416156 XP 27/12/2013
    I'll be up for this.
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    kangle4 22150 XP 27/12/2013
    Is this a full retail release or just eshop?
  • Wii U Member
    Blob 39930 XP 27/12/2013 +1

    @kangle4 said: Is this a full retail release or just eshop?

    Retail of course.
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    whyt_guy 5766 XP 27/12/2013
    Hope this keeps its name and I'll need more game-play footage before I decide if I want or not
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