3 ways to make Pokémon work on Wii U

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Following the announcement of Pokémon X/Y there's been a rash of opinion articles popping up all around the 'web about how the main series of Pokémon games could be brought to Nintendo Wii U.

And why not? I’m sure since the consoles reveal many fans have wondered how the series could be imagined on Nintendo’s first HD console.

However, Pokémon has never really had the best track record when it comes to console releases, and arguably the last good console release was back in the Stadium/Snap days. Or maybe I’m just showing my age.

So how could Pokémon work on Wii U?

1. Like the handheld games, but on consoles

Take a quick overview of some of the previous Pokémon console games and you’ll notice that they all deviate far too much from what makes the ‘core’ handheld series great. The series has sustained itself because it’s simple, yet both challenging and addictive.

With that in mind, picture a fully realised 3D Pokémon adventure, complete with overworld, gyms, elite four and hundreds of little critters to find, capture and battle with. Everything you know and love about the handheld games, but displayed right on your TV screen. It’d be like an exceptionally made JRPG but with Pokémon.

Ideally, such a game would retain the visual likeness of say, Pokémon X/Y (full 3D world/models), albeit taking taking full advantage of the Wii U’s HD capabilities. We shouldn’t expect a game with the same level of detail as say, Skyrim, but still nice enough to look at so it doesn’t look like a 3DS game stretched to HD resolution.

2. Use the Wii U GamePad like the DS/3DS’s touch screen

It’s pretty much a given, really, using the Wii U GamePad and it’s second screen in conjunction with the TV screen to recreate the dual screen nature of the DS/3DS. After all, we’ve really come to just expect a dual screen setup for our modern day Pokémon games.

So any potential Wii U game really needs to make use of the TV screen and the GamePad. And yes, I mean for everything that you already do in the handheld games; issuing attack commands, using items, accessing the in-game menu and more. Though, that isn’t to say whoever the developer would be can’t look at say, Off-TV play or new and interesting ways to use the GamePad.

One idea I’m sure a lot of people have had is to use the GamePad in a Pokémon Snap inspired way. That is, to line up the GamePad with your TV and snap a picture of the Pokémon on screen. This could be for any number of reasons, from an ongoing side quest or just as a nod to long-time fans who want to see an all-new sequel.

3. Online connectivity

It’s no secret Nintendo is pushing a whole new online strategy with Wii U and 3DS, and as always the companies Pokémon series is at the forefront. While new online innovations are planned for the upcoming 3DS releases, it doesn’t mean we can’t dream of how a Wii U game would work online.

Online match-matching would need to be a thing, that much is certain. Entering a specific union/link room and getting randomly pitted against another player would no doubt be awesome. Likewise, ‘always on’ co-op could be worked in as well, allowing you to pair up with groups of other players and journey around - though that’s treading into MMORPG territory there.

To scale back a little, being able to jump into a game of co-op Pokémon Wii U would be a nice feature. You and a friend could pair up and take on a tournament, or assault the Battle Tower, for example, or just explore the map together and participate in double battles.

By Jayden Williams

What would you like to see in a Pokémon Wii U game?

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3 ways to make Pokémon work on Wii U Comments

  • Olly 34243 XP 24/01/2013
    Why is this even talked about? not.gonna.happen. Look where portable gaming is right now, this shifts Nintendo portables by the millions it just makes no business sense to put it on a console. Plus what about Pokémon given away at shows/events and stuff? or tournaments or that battle with a friend on the train/bus?
  • Gryllis 371665 XP 24/01/2013
    Nintendo makes so much money from the handheld games -- which have been the same thing until now -- so I don't think the risk was worth it putting it on consoles.

    On the other hand, what would see more Wii Us than a full Pokemon game....
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  • Tano 363562 XP 24/01/2013
    It's almost like they want the series to drive their handheld business. Doesn't seem like they want to take attention away from the portable experience.
  • Jayden27 4641 XP 24/01/2013
    A full Pokémon game on Wii U could do for the home console what X/Y potentially will do for 3DS... seeing systems flying off the shelf.

    Remember that whole 'Vita is dead" argument following gen 6's announcement? It might help Ninty push past Sony/MS' next-gen consoles in regards to sales.

  • kangle4 39579 XP 24/01/2013
    It would be a dream come true but surely if they were going to do it they would have by now.
  • SilentOne 11288 XP 24/01/2013 +1
    HELL YES. Pokemon for WII U (:
  • Karnu 23071 XP 24/01/2013
    lol just noticed there were the models from SSBB
  • nightjumpr 46 XP 25/01/2013
    they have to bring a good online to the next pokemon game there gonna be missing a big opportunity if they don't because it could be really awesome

    i like the fire starter in XY but i cant tell the type of the legendaries
  • stealth20k 46 XP 26/01/2013 +1
    not gunna happen stupid article
  • Jayden27 4641 XP 26/01/2013
    Care to elaborate, or just make snide comments?
  • Tj866 581 XP 31/01/2013
    It has happened before, so why wouldn't it happen again i for one and know many other ware waiting for the next one, the gamecube ones where good I want to see more like it
  • Tim818 12 XP 15/02/2013
    I, for one would like to see an entirely different style pokemon game for console. If a game came out that was a 3D adventure, with all pokemon visible in the wild, with a customizable character to start with, and the choice of your hometown (giving choice of what set of starters to choose from), an online centre within the game, like the battle frontier. Oh and actually giving you a decision on things would be good. Help, or stop the eviil teams. Pokemon champion, or world ruler. That kind of game, I would buy a Wii U just for that.
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