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HA! NO! Then I won't get that games I'm saving up for. [MOG]
Sure am! Although my gaming mostly revolves around just one game for a while until some new ones come out. Reallllly want to try out DMC and MGS: Rising.
Money's always good!

Yeah, I've been well too. Getting through uni as always, haha. Should start working soon I reckon.
Lol, how's life, man?
You are le homosex.
That has been something he's missing for a while now. [MOG]
He's not alone, he has his PVC wifu's.
He'll be alright. :P
I think it's just you and Mikey, lol. I've been done with hentai-like anime for a while now, seems pretty pointless.
Oooooh, yeaaaaah! Always gotta have some thumb action. [MOG]
So much for that mountainous pile of games. :'@
How have you been doing? I see Uni hasn't slowed down your usual, thrusting self. [MOG]
Nah, man, second year. Although, it's my last year as I may be going to an art school (to study graphic design) next year. =D
Yeah, just basking in my final 2 weeks of holidays. Then it's off to boring lectures and all that, woooo!
I'm doing fine, bud. And I know! I saw your random post on Kero's wall and it made me miss the ol' antic days. :'@
You are a gentlemen and a scholar.
soo gheyyyy
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