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metalliguy has been a member of MMGN since Dec 05 2011.

PSN ID: jamiesaurus

Wii Friendcode: MK Wii 2277-8675-7838 SSBB 0087-5976-0303

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My name is Jamie. I am really 27 years old. I like Jim Beam. And pizza. Preferably at the same time (love) oh, and girls *_*

I've been playing video games since I was 4 years old. My step brothers introduced me to the Nintendo Entertainment System when my Mum remarried. I still remember TMNT on the NES... *shudders*

Since then, the consoles I've owned are:

Gameboy pocket
Gameboy Color
Nintendo 64*
Sony PSOne (slim)
Sony PS2 (phat)*
Gameboy Advance
Gameboy Advance SP
Nintendo Gamecube*
Nintendo DS Lite
Nintendo DSi
Nintendo 3DS*
Playstation 3 (320GB Slim)*
Nintendo Wii*

*I still own them

As you may have noticed, I've never owned an Xbox. I don't hate them, but I've never had any interest in getting one.

I've been playing guitar for 11 years now. While I'm in between bands at the moment, my dream is to make money playing music. I also have an untitled EP of demos I've written, recorded and produced myself. They are up on, PM me if you'd like to hear them ;)

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Hi me

Blob said:

I want this for christmas! [Derp]

Atar said: blob found me the gif

What'd I do?
blob found me the gif

Tarek said: .gifs are overrated...

wat even
Hey mate, added your 3DS FC

Mine is 4940 5493 6134
FrankerZ = Dog face (no space)

metalliguy said:


I like touching Tarek's elbow.
also why School Days at the top,
It made me stop watching anime for 2 months i was that angry
are u playing a terrible joke or something.
its just as bad as amv hells divided by zero
and i bet u wouldnt suggest that one [Rage]

sorry if this seems bad but school days seriously pissed me off not u -_-
for your list of anime
Clannad and Clannad After story,
Rahxephone, Xamd, FLCL.
Tenga toppen gurren lagaan,
The World only god knows
if any of those are on the list i'm sorry but they are indeed worth a mention
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