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barters81 has been a member of MMGN since Oct 22 2007.

Wii Friendcode: 2434937534795277

Owned a Wii since sometime 07...can't remember??? Must have ben having a good year.

Play the guitar religiously. Seriously, its the one thing in life that I can truly drift away doing. However....that doesn't necessarily make me that good now does it? Or does it? Cause I wouldn't want to be modest now would I? Or would I? We will never know......

..........unless of course if you visit then you'll probably hear a couple songs and make up your own mind. We're a three piece so any guitar you hear is me.

No. I don't sing. And no. I'm not happy about it.

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I like your guitar, here's mine :)

I don't sing either lol
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