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Melbourne, Victoria
Level 33 67975 Kudos 2025 Kudos Till Level 34

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The Stig has been a member of MMGN since Jul 30 2007.

PSN ID: TheStigxo

Xbox Gametag: The Stig xo

Steam ID: Tiger_Gimp

Pokemon White 2 Friend Code: 5158-3449-3512
Pokemon Diamond Friend Code: 1292-8849-4078

The Stig has 144 Medals

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Hey there mate, added your 3DS FC

Mine is 4940 5493 6134
I seriously want to watch the latest season of Top Gear in the US.

Stupid Netflix. [Rage]

gdmatt said: Please leave any comments here

No I dont think so

Why arent you on msn
Hey Luke
Hello Matt.
15 is a nice even number for a friends list!!

Please leave any comments here
We should play again when Resistance 3 comes out, for good old day's sake. :P
Where the bloody hell are you mate?
James May
Where's my coffee?
Post any comments in here please.
I was about to change my avatar to a pic of the stig then I saw yours.......
*cries* Nobody commented
I do now...
You know that you get kudos for posting here?
lol, thanks mate
Go gdmatt!!! Most voted member.
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