Skidmark inc Est-1971 Proudly operating 42 years without fail.
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Skidmark has been a member of MMGN since Dec 08 2008.

PSN ID: Skidmark71

WiiU NNID - skidmark

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I know. Its great hey. Don't stare at it for too long though, or your mind may never fully recover.
Your picture make brain hurt
If I played MarioKart against you are reaaaaallly good. Ive never encountered anyone who could beat me consistently.
Ahhh Bullwinkle .... entertained me for years

That wouldn't sound anywhere near as creepy if you still had your Bullwinkle avatar.
I miss that crazy moose
Ive been Released BEWARE........
*dials 911*
Hello officer.
I think there's an intruder in my profile,
could you send a patrol car around please.
*loads shotgun*
Neville was here 5/5/09
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