come on, i only want a cuddle!
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Milky has been a member of MMGN since Sep 07 2007.

Xbox Gametag: MilkySheep

Hi All!

My name is Cappie, I play Xbox from time to time. Major love is music and I also love film. On the weekends I can be found at whatever gig is on in Perth and during the week I can be found at my boring old desk job! Don't get much time to play Xbox, but I do try.



Top 5 Favourite Games on 360
01. BioShock
02. Condemned: Criminal Origins
03. Battlefield: Bad Company 2
04. GTA IV
05. Dead Space

Top 5 Favourite Games of All-Time
01. BioShock
02. GTA: San Andreas
03. Condemned: Criminal Origins
04. Crash Team Racing
05. inFamous


Milky has 95 Medals

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Mitchel said: Ahhhh, Freaks and geeks...

?? =D
Ahhhh, Freaks and geeks...

my spam got cleaned up.
Welcome to Kenni's house...

Victorian said:

No inappropriation rudies Victorian. [MOG]
are you by any chance Mik3y?
Yeah I hate that spider!

Aww, that spider is ****ed. YUCK

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