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About Luke1993

Luke1993 has been a member of MMGN since Jan 11 2009.

PSN ID: djluke_1993

Xbox Gametag: djluke 1993

Steam ID: Queen Luke

Wii Friendcode: 1389749727128387

I'm a sinical Smart ass and i also have Austism. i'M A massive gamer with no life at all lol still live with the parents and occasinally go out into life. I have 360 Wii and soon to have PS4 and 3DS. I have steam but Rarely use that and thats about it. Below is my Names for Some games i play.

Combat Arms: djluke1993
PSN: djluke_1993
Xbox Live: djluke 1993
Steam ID: Retro19au

Luke1993 has 3 Medals

Luke1993's Wall

[WTF] =_= ^_^ ^_^ =) [yawn] X_X @_@ :E ;O [sick] [Rage] [MOG] (love) [heartbreak] [monkey] (evil) [Facepalm] [Facepalm] [Shifty] :S =D [Facepalm] ^_^ ^_^ :'@ :'@ ;) :D X_X :P :( :P :D :E [MOG]
:) -_- :D :D :*O *_* ;O [sick] [MOG] (love) [heartbreak] (evil) :S [Shifty] [Facepalm] :P -_- :'@ :@ =) [WTF] [monkey] (*)
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