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Harry has been a member of MMGN since May 15 2009.

Steam ID: kk1387

Wii Friendcode: 7881292650597260

The name's Harry.

I currently write for MMGN and review indie pc games - which are games made by studios who don't have a publishing contract.

There are heaps of cool games to be found in the indie scene and I strongly encourage you guys to give the reviews/games a look - I'm sure there'll be something you like.

Other than that, I am pretty much the guy who rages and the guy who everyone likes to bash.. feel free to join in! [Derp]

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Remember when we used to use this website?
U no have many posts on here mang :(

Here a post :)
So your username is Harry, yet you must still mention that your name is Harry in your profile? Seems legit.
u am ma fraend ok or no? :]

Matrix6 said: Hi

But I'm not new :( :P

Hi there matrix.
Hi :)

You, sir, win the Internet.
KK You have quite possibly the gayest email I've seen on any member!





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