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hey man! i love mmgn!!
pffft, i have more pages on my wall than you

hey man! i love MMGN!!!
Bam and the post is posted!
hey man! i love MMGN!!!
endboss i was just wondering if u could help me with a problem i want to become a admin/mod/op on mmgn minecraft server but i dont understand who to can u help me and tell me how or what to do?
Hi..... i really want more kudos... because when i first started on mmgn i did not know how to edit and i was posting too much so someone took like 150 kudos off me... i have not double posted since then and i have managed to work all the kudos off and now i only have 14 when i should have like 150 kudos? please answer?

btw i LOVE mmgn!!! it is awesome!!!! especially the minecraft server.
hey man! i love MMGN!!!
hey man! i love MMGN!!!
hey man! i love MMGN!!!
;O ;O

Vile said: Bam and the post is posted!

and the dirt is still there [Shifty]
Oh hai (love)
hey plz help how do get kudos fast or quicker because ill only got 4 and i want to be in the minecraft server
i dotn have the option to pm people at all,
can you please resolve
Bam and the post is posted!
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