The basement in Luigi's mansion.
Level 19 9880 Kudos 120 Kudos Till Level 20

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Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter over $700,000 already! *_*
mate names mikki i can u pls ass me thabks 5472 6937 4122 and leave me ur 3ds number tank you
New red Wii *_* 5443 7387 2366 1201. If anyone still uses their Wii and wants to add me, PM me.
challenge accepted =D
Glad you enjoyed the festival. Was my first year there and I totally loved it, will be headed back next year for sure :D
Was it your first time?
i want that one lol

Ramzez said: I think you're weird.

i second that motion
I think you're weird.
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