PS4: Favourite game?

8 Comments 6 Likes 2,202 Views 04/12/2013 Back to PS4 polls Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Poll Results
  • Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 Poll Choice26%
  • Knack PS4 Poll Choice4%
  • Resogun PS4 Poll Choice9%
  • Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag PS4 Poll Choice24%
  • Battlefield 4 PS4 Poll Choice12%
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts PS4 Poll Choice2%
  • FIFA 14 PS4 Poll Choice4%
  • NBA 2K14 PS4 Poll Choice7%
  • Need for Speed: Rivals PS4 Poll Choice0%
  • Something else PS4 Poll Choice7%
Total: 41 Votes
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PS4: Favourite game? Comments

  • Huddo 30802 XP 04/12/2013
    i broke the stalemate :P
  • Lo33 5191 XP 05/12/2013
    COD is loosing its statur
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  • doubleflip 48 XP 06/12/2013
    Need some more 2K14 love up in here. :D
  • barters81 8615 XP 11/12/2013

    @doubleflip said: Need some more 2K14 love up in here.

    Getting it for Christmas. Then I will be all over it.
  • 1wiierdguy 9880 XP 16/12/2013

    @barters81 said:

    @doubleflip said: Need some more 2K14 love up in here.

    Getting it for Christmas. Then I will be all over it.

    Same! ^_^
  • dookerj 6 XP 05/01/2014
    #1: Killzone: Shadow Fall
    #2: Assassin's Creed 4 (I REALLY wish I had waited to play it on PS4; but I got the 360 version, so I can't upgrade, and I'm not gonna buy it twice, even with the greatly improved graphics, use of the touchpad, all that stuff–sounds like the PS4 version is the DEFINITIVE version of the game basically, and I did love this game… Best pirate game ever!)
    #3: Resogun
    #4: NFS: Rivals

    COD Ghosts is a terrible game… I played it on 360 and it's one of the worst games ever made. They made the campaign an OPTIONAL download, that's how much they glossed over this game. The campaign was like 4 hours long, you were a voiceless grunt, the game has a dated id Tech engine despite all their hype about "rebuilding from the ground up blah blah". Multiplayer was the same boring, cheater-layden, twitch BS from before. the COD franchise is dead.

    Battlefield 4, on the other hand, I might give a try; looks like they actually put some work into the campaign, and GameTrailers confirmed that the PS4 version not only has graphics on par with a high-end PC set to "high" graphics (identical in their analysis), but also allows for 64 player matches at 1080P! Stuff the Xbone just can't do with 50% slower hardware and that huge OS sucking up most of the CPU, GPU, RAM, and over 100GB of the hard drive :)
  • crazynites 22737 XP 08/01/2014
    Contrast , finished it, kinda a big deal for me, very rarely finish games.
  • billbunter 4 XP 02/03/2014
    If battlefield 4 don,t win the vote,"there,s deffenently something wrong?????????THIS IS MY THOUGHT so far BF4 is the best online shooter i have played since 007 golden eye on the nintendo 64 LOL.......PS3,PS4 T-TOTAL GAMER yours truly Billybunter214.....
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