Win a PS4, ASTRO A50 headset + three games!

by Gaetano Prestia 19 Comments 37 Likes 13,763 Views 03/01/2014 Back to PS4 news PlayStation 4

WIN A PlayStation 4!

Thanks to Bluemouth Interactive, you can win the hot new PS4, an Astro A50 Wireless headset, a PS4 carry bag, PLUS three of the hottest games — Fifa 14, Battlefield 4 and Need for Speed: Rivals!

To enter the running, visit and Like the Bluemouth Interactive Facebook page, and answer the question.

Don't forget to share and like to increase your chances!


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Win a PS4, ASTRO A50 headset + three games! Comments

  • xfighter 1430 XP 26/12/2013
    i need that carry bag awesome comp [Derp]
  • Homedad 1612 XP 26/12/2013
    What a top prize, someone is going to be very happy
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  • kangle4 39589 XP 26/12/2013
    Awesome prize.
  • matt12 4762 XP 26/12/2013
    What an insane comp!
  • Silence 89137 XP 26/12/2013
    Ugh, liking a FB page to enter? Passeroo
  • M@ndyz 251995 XP 26/12/2013
    entered.. thanks :)
  • SilentOne 11288 XP 26/12/2013
    Cant wait to see who wins D:
    Been scraping up everything just to even TRY to get a ps4 .-.
  • John2904 4 XP 26/12/2013
  • Mik3y 298156 XP 26/12/2013
    Gotta be in it to win it.
  • Vanquish 3299 XP 26/12/2013
    MMGN is making someone a very happy person.
  • Stu 7005 6550 XP 27/12/2013
    Who won the next gen assasins creed comp?
  • rancid13 976 XP 27/12/2013
    goodluck yall! epic prize!
  • Kimmo 3 XP 28/12/2013
    Totally awesome prize, unbelievable to win. ^_^
  • CptAwesome 3259 XP 29/12/2013
    what are the details? when does it close, when do we find out winners, how do u find out, etc
  • W84NO1 30103 XP 30/12/2013 +3
    @Tano , This pops up right after i select the answer and hit Enter, not sure if its a problem or not, also not sure if my entery counts bcoz of it... :*O

  • EndBoss 10040 XP 31/12/2013
    @W84NO1 - this has been resolved. (we had too many entries lol)

    Thanks for letting us know

    Please PM me in the future if you experience similar issues.
  • -PAYZEE- 18596 XP 01/01/2014
  • SlappyWag 4328 XP 02/01/2014
    If I don't win, this is rigged.
  • Hamzah504 2 XP 14/04/2014
    Can't wait to see who wins. MMGN is going to make someone really happy.
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