Minecraft is coming to PlayStation 4, PS3 and Vita

by Ben Salter 10 Comments 12 Likes 6,657 Views 21/08/2013 Back to PS4 news PlayStation 4
Minecraft is coming to PlayStation 4, PS3 and Vita

Move over, Xbox 360, Minecraft is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Vita.

Mojang's mega hit Minecraft will be available to download on PS4 from November 29 in Australia, the console's launch day.

It will also be released on PlayStation 3 and Vita.

The building game that proved it's hip to be square was originally only released on Xbox 360 when it made its console debut in 2012, and is making the jump to Xbox One when the console launches. We can only assume Mojang's exclusivity deal with Microsoft has expired.

As it turns out, Minecraft is pretty popular. The Xbox 360 version alone has sold more than 8 million copies, and it dominated the PC landscape long before that.

No further details about the PS4, or PS3 and Vita versions, were released.

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Minecraft is coming to PlayStation 4, PS3 and Vita Comments

  • NRadtke 40 XP 21/08/2013
    SONY trying bring back more members from Xbox 360 seeing as the game will be made to download on the release of the Xbox ONE. But will it have success on the PS3, PS4 and Vita like it has done on the Xbox 360 and soon success on the Xbox ONE only time will tell. seeing as on the Xbox 360 Horse's and cat's are going to be out but will we see the full game with updates coming out on PS3 , PS4 and Vita again only time can tell this
  • Zenda 128 XP 21/08/2013
    woot :D traded in my xbox 360 bout 2 weeks ago and the only game that made me regretful was minecraft- now the problem is solved :) I agree NRadtke, hopefully it'll come with all the updates and not be miles behind- only time will tell.
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  • chucky110 36930 XP 21/08/2013
    Doesn't add to any choice. Can't stand this thing
  • jfctakeme 187 XP 21/08/2013
    It's good for Mojang to open up another platform for sales :)
  • punk 13613 XP 21/08/2013
    Shadow of the beast news is better!
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  • roadrunner 411 XP 11/09/2013 +1
    YES!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! IVE BEEN WAITING FOR SO LONG!!!!!!!!!!! :D :)
  • roadrunner 411 XP 11/09/2013 +1
    I just hope we dont have to wait for all the updates like the XBOX360 version did, it still hasnt caught up with the PC. Espesially considering SONYs higher memory and thinking capacity it should do fine with all the updades from the start.
    I also want the ability to buy a disk version, my systems are running out of space.
  • roadrunner 411 XP 26/09/2013
    MINECRAFT MINECRAFT MINECRAFT MINECRAFT MINECRAFT MINECRAFT MINECRAFT MINECRAFT MINECRAFT MINECRAFT MINECRAFT MINECRAFT ever since i found out about the minecraft PS release ive been itching to play. im not nearly as excited for all the new games and sytems as i am for minecraft. [Rage]
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