Bioshock Infinite developer closing its doors

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Irrational Games, an industry stalwart that developed classics such as System Shock 2 and more recently the BioShock series (except Bioshock 2), will close its doors after seventeen years, leaving all but 15 staff out of a job.

Founder Ken Levine made the shocking announcement on the developer's official website, noting a desire to work on smaller, more narrative-driven games.

"While I'm deeply proud of what we've accomplished together, my passion has turned to making a different kind of game than we've done before," Levine wrote. "To meet the challenge ahead, I need to refocus my energy on a smaller team with a flatter structure and a more direct relationship with gamers. In many ways, it will be a return to how we started: a small team making games for the core gaming audience."

Levine says he wants to make narrative-driven games for the "core" player, games that have a high sense of replayability.

"To foster the most direct relationship with our fans possible, we will focus exclusively on content delivered digitally."

Irrational Games' final product will be the upcoming downloadable pack for BioShock Infinite, Burial at Sea, part 2.

The future of BioShock remains with 2K.

What's your favourite Irrational Games-developed game?

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Bioshock Infinite developer closing its doors Comments

  • SilentOne 11288 XP 19/02/2014 +1
    Noooo! ):
  • Zenda 128 XP 19/02/2014
    what I got out of that was "I've decided to fire everyone and start fresh instead of simply firing some people and going from there + I want a new game studio name".
    If they release a system shock 3 which stays true to SS2 I'll be ecstatic but my feels go out to those about to be laid off.
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  • Gryllis 371665 XP 19/02/2014
    Interesting to see who 2K puts in charge of BioShock now.
  • Tano 363562 XP 19/02/2014

    Gryllis said: Interesting to see who 2K puts in charge of BioShock now.

    I hope he still writes it.
  • Gryllis 371665 XP 19/02/2014

    Tano said:

    Gryllis said: Interesting to see who 2K puts in charge of BioShock now.

    I hope he still writes it.

    Nup. He said it's fully in the hands on 2K now.
  • tsubibo 4456 XP 19/02/2014
    Would be interesting to see what he comes up with.
  • Mystogun 15812 XP 19/02/2014
    if I had to guess the bioshock license will be handed to 2K marin the creators of BS2
  • Kayel 22952 XP 19/02/2014
    Wow... I didn't expect this. Irrational Games is a big developer. What a shame, especially to those that lost their jobs. I hope they find new jobs soon.
  • zurczner 11232 XP 19/02/2014
    Well, not really up for his decision. But at least he will focus on the games heavy on story / narratives now. :) I liked really Bioshock Infinite's story (even the Vox's and how the Lutece Twins fits in) and I think he and his team can do even better.
  • renagadez 86128 XP 19/02/2014
    Naaaw. I don't know what 2K will do with Bioshock. I can't see it living up to the standard that has been set by Irrational Games if they continue the series.
  • Atar 63057 XP 20/02/2014
    oh no :'(
  • NutannAus 48 XP 20/02/2014
    [Rage] [Rage] [Rage]
  • Tano 363562 XP 20/02/2014

    NutannAus said:

    My thoughts exactly!
  • MX_Xizz0R 3566 XP 22/02/2014
    They left bioshock for a smaller developer. What is it going to be called? Highly Irrational games?
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