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whaling has been a member of MMGN since Dec 03 2011.

The chances you came here to receive genuine information about me are so slim that I've decided not to give you any. Instead I will provide you with some images you could have found if you'd decided to put random terms into Google Images instead of reading my profile.

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Create evil grandma's ofcourse
Check out all these cookies *_*

01/09/2013 / Wagga Wagga

smoke weed eat, love, pray.
smoke weed any day

I love your avatar (love)
Whaling, do you have two accounts? I hadn't noticed this until now but why is your profile linked to your minecraft name whaling and Tiberius21? pc.mmgn.com/... [WTF]

Holy crap! You joined 2 days before me! [WTF]

Lol, that was just a little random, though... :P

MCpreditor said: Whaling... Do you like fat kittens!?!?!
I sure know I do!


Whaling... Do you like fat kittens!?!?!
I sure know I do! [Derp] *_* (love)
Is it just a little random to ask this?
Be patient bro

I'm great at gifs
Ello Poppit!

lolol at your updated profile!! :D

Just because everyone else is doing it...

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