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hi when i try to turn ps3 on it turns off after 1sec and red light turns off so i have to press the power button to put the red light back on but when i try it again it just duz the same
hey, my ps3 hdmi port is busted out and I cant get it back in any advice??
hey, i been having the same problem. I'm plain a game n next thing u know the ps3 jus shuts off no warning n no blinking lights. before i been told it was a hard disk corruption. i need help big time...
hi mate, hope you can help. I have the 160gb, slim line ps3. I turned off tonight, no light showing, nothing. I removed the power cable to make sure it was not the fuse, and when i plugged it back in the power light came on. i pressed it, up it started, then did the HD check due to sudden power loss. Half way through it turned off again. nothing would respond until i repeated the above., and got the same result???
Hi there. Apparently you can work miracles with dead PS3s. I've had mine just over 3 years and it's not even been used that much as we had a baby ! Tried to watch a movie the other night and after about a minute the power cut off. No flashing red lights or yellow etc... It will turn on again if I disconnect from the mains. Same thing, lasts about a minute. I've tried games, movies or demos of the HD - same result. Any ideas ???
Vyma100, My PS3 160gb turns off after only being on a few minutes. I don't get any warning and no flashing lights. They system just shuts down. I have to press the power button to turn it on again and it only lasts for a few seconds. I recently got the free games from the psn welcome back package- the ps3 was working just fine before that.. can you help me?
just emailed you mate. :)
Hey dude ive sort of got ylod it takes awhile but it eventually turns on and stay on, most the time it just beeps i get the yellow light then it goes ans the red 1 flashes. just curious how much to fix it

The car is ugly! [sick]

3:30.64 ;)
hhahahahah you can fix YLOD? really amazing if you can, do you ever buy broken ps3's ie YLOD ones and sell the parts accordingly? If so reply to the msg cheers (*)
hi i was told you where the guy to go to about trying to find out how to fix my ps3 i took a bad fall now when i turn it on the blue light comes on and i can make it take and eject disks but that all it dose the hard drive dose not even spin up what do you think is wrong with it do you thank i can get the parts and fix it my self i have a limited knowledge of computers
hello vyma i need your help.
my 80gb ps3 console wont show anything on the tv. everything is plugged in but it seems that nothing one the tv shows up from the console everything else is fine
tell me about it.
wow, you must have some google links to this page mate hearing the comments above!
yes they can repair US ps3's. I have one here similar. been in the cupboard now for months. I've tried resetting the bios and everything else also.

When updating Firmware, if it fails while it is flashing the bios, then the bios is corrupted. At this point in time only sony can fix it.
Hey, how's it goin?
Just got a quiz for ya...I bought a PS3 from the U.S. and tried doing an update....thinking that an update for the PS3 would be universal...I used the Aust update, got to 79% and froze...didn't have enough time to record the error code, it kept restarting the process and eventually had to be switched off, obviously corrupting something.
I didn't bother with it for over 8 months and now can't seem to get it to work whatsoever and can't get to safe mode either as the hardware is of the early version.
Do you think there is anything that could done to fully restore it back to factory settings or would Sony be my best option and could they repair a U.S. PS3?
Hey I was wondering if you could repair or give a general consensus of the problem I have.

I play MW2 and I exited a server and it crashed. It did this more and more frequently. I tried repairing the file system but it came back and we eventually pressed quick format, erasing the hard disk. Then we had to reinstall and update 1.07 but in turn caused the disk read error 8001002A, I dont want to give it to sony as it is expensive and I am trying to find a cheaper route.

Could you help? hardrive? laser? how much would repairs cost?

Help would be appreciated and thank you for your time.
hiya can you ytalk on msn or something? you seem to know what your talking about

and i carnt find anyone else who does.

i have a ps3 80gb, as soon as i turn the switch on round the back red light comes on the beeps 3 times and starts flashing.

there is no yellow light or green, and the fan dont start at all.

ime thinking its a power problem

ive took the power supply apart and it looks strange inside. like acid corrosion or something i have pics.

can you get back to me, or add me on msn,

my addy is chris9191@hotmail.co.uk

thanks for any info
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