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I am a Senior Game Advisor at GameStop,and I own every Nintendo Console except a SNES. I am currently in training to become a Senior Game Advisor, and will soon get promoted! I am from America. I think that the Iraq war is dumb, and that Bush needs to go. All I can say is please forgive us for voting for him again, and please hope that he does not go into Iran. While I have always liked Australia(and my username is often times Kangaroo) I don't like the fact that the Australian PM attacked US Senator Barack Obama. But, then again, he is buddy-buddy with bush, so what can you do? I am also the webmaster of You can go there and make an online Mii if you'd like. There is currently not much there, however when I get my new Macbook Pro, I will be posting stuff like crazy! My Wii friend code is 6141 7797 5880 8699

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im there lol
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