Sydney, NSW
Level 26 33869 Kudos 1131 Kudos Till Level 27

About maxiboy

maxiboy has been a member of MMGN since Jan 09 2007.

I used to be really good at COD4 (PC), haven't played in a while though.

Playtime on the MMGN TF2 server (post 15-9-11)

maxiboy has 64 Medals

maxiboy's Wall

33333 kudos!
33k kudos
32k kudos
31k kudos
30k kudos, level 26
29k kudos
28k kudos
27k kudos
25k kudos link no longer works :'(
24k kudos
oh hai =D
23k kudos
22222 kudos!
21k kudos
20k kudos.
19k kudos
Oh hi ^_^

18k kudos
17k kudos
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