Sydney, NSW
Level 28 41384 Kudos 3616 Kudos Till Level 29

About maxiboy

maxiboy has been a member of MMGN since Jan 09 2007.

I used to be really good at COD4 (PC), haven't played in a while though.

Playtime on the MMGN TF2 server (post 15-9-11)

maxiboy has 110 Medals

maxiboy's Wall

41k kudos
40k kudos
Level 28
39k kudos
38k kudos
37k kudos
36k kudos
35k kudos
34k kudos
33333 kudos!
33k kudos
32k kudos
31k kudos
30k kudos, level 26
29k kudos
28k kudos
27k kudos
25k kudos link no longer works :'(
24k kudos
oh hai =D
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