You need some brain cells. Suck them out of Malaka.
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King has been a member of MMGN since Sep 30 2006.

PSN ID: Malaka_FF

Steam ID: malaka_smex

Wii Friendcode: 0587093890736023

I have evolved into a being far beyond that of a Human.

Just as two-dimensional beings can never interact with three-dimensional beings, no Human can detect my superior intellect unless I deliberately bring down my intelligence to their level of awareness.

Be grateful that life has given you such a gift of meeting a transcendent being.

King has 101 Medals

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hi,nice to met you :)
I can be your Queen [MOG]
Thank you sir, may I have another?
Where are you? :'@
LOL, I kid. (love)

ahahahaha x99

comfg kashd! > Malaka

Hai ^_^

Most of those emotions you love are evil! [Rage]
I can't haxx you...

You are liek, so totally fetch! *_*


Tia said:

Guyver said: POSTER!!!!!

That and POKEMANZ!!!!!!!

YEAH!!! [Rage]

Guyver said: POSTER!!!!!

That and POKEMANZ!!!!!!! (love)
POSTER!!!!! [Rage]
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