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About iamtom

iamtom has been a member of MMGN since Sep 23 2007.

PSN ID: iamtom-kthx

Steam ID: i4mt0m

I'm a writer, moderator and general slave on, if you have any questions ask someone else.

iamtom has 55 Medals

iamtom's Wall

Lol, you have SeaMen all over your page [MOG]
I replied on my wall, but i guess you didnt see it yet

I saw you posted it in french not so long ago. No, im not french but you're not far off. Im dutch but ive lived in france pretty much all my life.
oh TOM [Facepalm] i dont see you that offen
I am your worst nightmare reincarnated as a pony. Enjoy!

i haven't seen SnS yet, i have it on my hdd though :D it's been there since last year and i have no intention of watching it soon as my collection is getting bigger faster than i can watch the animes...
next question!! what was that thing you posted on facebook? the one about SnS or other
i have a question! why don't you throw people anymore?
this is dissidia can you add me and tell me again how to use the costume ?

insidious said: *sid was here*

As was Yay.
Grats on Admin Tom.
*sid was here*

69 mates.
Welcome to MyWii!!
I just added you. Please accept my friend invite
Welcome to hell.

Have fun and enjoy your stay! Happy gaming with your new PS3
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