Rhone Alpes, France
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Hi! The name's Trabman.
Welcome to my profile!

Im an avid dutch gamer living in France, finishing my laborous end of year exams in sciences. :S ... Im terrible at sciences.

Games and news about games is something that has kept me interested for years and joining MMGN has got me just another step further in writing about games, writing reviews and having fun! Im 18 years old and also find great interest in art, music and a whole lot of sports like skydiving and mountainbiking and skateboarding.

No worries, feel free to add me on Steam and Playstation!

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viva le holland :P

Add me on PSN sil vous plais
I have a friend living in Lyon. Cool dude, here's his site (an avid games collector);

ciao. (love)
Haha cheers mate :)

Green is a awesome color ;)

iamtom said: YOU ARE FRENCH?

I saw you posted it in french not so long ago. No, im not french but you're not far off. Im dutch but ive lived in france pretty much all my life. you?
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