"The most hypocritical, power abusive mod on this site." ~ Rivalz
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Why hello there! For whatever reason, you have stumbled across my profile – lucky you. You want to know about me? My name is Nicholas, but pretty much everyone calls me Nick. I’m 25, I love jellybeans and I love Video Games. I’ve been playing games since I was 5 years old. Over the years I have amassed a decent (at least in my opinion) collection of Video Games and Consoles.

My all time favorite game is PokéMon Blue for the original GameBoy. My mother gave me Blue Version while all the other kids had Red Version, since then I always buy the “blue” version of all PokéMon Games (although I usually end up buying all of them anyway). Aside from PokéMon, my favorite Game Series would be Super Mario (Mario 64 is one of the greatest games of all time), with Sonic the Hedgehog (not the lame Modern Sonic Games) following close behind.

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A Snix from Australia with the same date of birth?

Coincidence I wonder?

hi wats up im new on this site i joined 2 days ago
i agree with you that Mario 64 is one of the best games ever. what about Ocarina of Time??
Oh hi ^_^

gargoyles said: pokemon blue dominates!

Yellow is better *_*
pokemon blue dominates!
Hi Snix! :)

i also like Pokemon blue.
oh hai ^_^


for my wii breaking.
First emery had the AURA
Then Toki
Then Kiriplant
Then mikesz98
Then DarkEnemy
Then CheeryDog
Then PoPoNaNa
Then Tia
But now The AURA is MINE!!!

hello how did you get all those medals?
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