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Hello My Name is Serge and...
I'm just a 14 year old kid who is absolutely mad about the Wii, and I am an apple fan, even though I own a PC, yet saving up for a MacBook PRO.

I also absolutely love all Star Wars games but not allowed to play some of them as they involve killing people (my parents prohibited me from any people killing games).

This is due to:
 •  Them (my parents) thinking that these games (not movies, not the TV shows) will influence me to violence, yet I have noticed that when I don't play them, I get more violent :S
 •  And whenever I try to argue with them, they just say: "Killing a person, even in a game should not be fun, and they get agro at me for saying that I 'killed' someone in SSBM.
 •  I am not even allowed to play sherk, thats right, and if any of you ever heard of a game called "playing with fire" I am not allowed to play that either, so as you can see, this limits my game library to a much narrower selection.

Thank god for Nintendo: Zelda, Metroid, and SSB really saved my gaming life.

I am also a bit of a programing freak, when I was in year 8, I already started making basic web pages, (HTML) and now I will soon be advancing to year 10, (I'm in year 9 right now) and already know a lot about HTML, CSS, JS, VB, and starting C++, and for my electives I have chosen:
 •  IT General
 •  IT Programing
 •  VCE ITC unit 1&2
Yeah, I'm a computer freak.

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eww zyxes :l
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