Canberra, ACT ~ Brawl FC: 1032-6545-6977
Level 15 2349 Kudos 1151 Kudos Till Level 16

About Scabe

Scabe has been a member of MMGN since Jun 09 2009.

I'm not very good on WiFi, I tend to do better offline, but it still doesn't stop me from playing my best.

My main is Link. So expect to win ;D

Scabe has 22 Medals

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GreenThumb said:
Thats right... There's a reason your profile has white on it...

what have you done [Shifty] [Rage]

Thats right... There's a reason your profile has white on it...
Hi Scabey :)
hehehaha that pic was too naughty for imageshack.
yay Hannah Montana! (love)

I haxxed your msn [Rage] [MOG]
please explain this image.

You have 7 pages of Scabe spam.

I only have 4. Yay.
Scabeeeee! do you still play wifi? i havent played for so long ;__;
i dont go to the brawl tourneys in melb anymore either, unfortunately uni has taken up the majority of my time which is very sad.
i wish i won tattslotto so i could just travel around to diffrent states and lose at brawl tourneys.
Scabe, your Link is liek, impossible to kill.
Scabe. I challenge you to a smash battle. I've signed up.

My fc is 2148-9788-9952

I want the boulder badge! When will be the next time you will be online on smash?
Taco Dog.

eat him.

Scabe said:

10/03/2010 / Ipswich, QLD
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