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About Rashy

Rashy has been a member of MMGN since May 22 2007.

PSN ID: Evil_Rashy

Xbox Gametag: Rashy

Steam ID: Evil_Rashy

If you send me a Friend Request on Xbox LIVE please also send a message along with it telling me who you are. Sorry guys but I reject all Friend Requests from Gamer Tags that I don't know.

Rashy has 142 Medals

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Terminator said:

wow cool!
Wow, Master Fenix

The GrandMaster RASH!

add me on xbox
i have mw2 saits row 2 fifa 10 juecd 2 ufc dispted nfd prostreet plx add me i will acpted u asap

Stop getting those damn Friday Medals or i'll remove all of them
star for you. star for me.I love you RASHY D
impressive gamerscore

I want the other book, "If god loves me, why cants i get my locker open?"
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