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plz sir dun touch mi der. my butt is a sacred place.
ǝʎqpooƃ puɐ ollǝɥ
What are you talking about?
Oh hi ^_^

Elmo is great isn't he? Cheers tho ;)
I love your profile mate *_* Elmo FTW! =D
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(love) [MOG]
Scary awesome!

She definitely can.

Jason isn't even scary. He's just stupid.
She can too sing.

PS3 updates, patches...

Dumbnutz said:
You went all out for FFXIII didn't you? Awesome collection there mate!

Thanks man, yeah, you could say I went all the way. I do it to one particular game per year. If 'Versus' comes out next year I'd go all the way with it as well! *_*

Matrix6 said: Awesome collection!

You went all out for FFXIII didn't you? Awesome collection there mate! *_*

I kinda gave up collecting FFXIII stuff when i realised how bad the game was.
Awesome collection! (*) But this... mmgn.com/... ;)
So badass Dumbnutz! =P

You would have the best costume for Halloween! =D
One of my masks...


And my other mask complete with hood

From the 7th film New Blood

I got a Jason mask!


shinny23 said: what do you use your second rig for? i'd like to get a rig like your second 1. should i get AMD (similar to your build) or the i7?

I would get an AMD processor if you plan on going for an ATI card just makes sense to me with the whole compatibility thing.

Dumbnutz said: Like your profile man, Tifa rules
So you collect Final Fantasy stuff?? besides FFXIII....
I managed to get one of the sleeves...

Good job man, that's a great find! And you were the only bidder, or you grabbed it real quick so nobody else had a chance!

I only have a relatively small collection of everything FF. From PS1,2,3 games, guide & art books, movies, anime (not completed), soundtracks, lil cute plushies, poster banner, CC:FFVII PSP and that's it really. Don't have figurines and stuff.
The O-ring version is the one you have the one above is a limited edition available for both systems ( i think only 500 were available), im watching one for the ps3 now but its got 9days on it!
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