Middle of Nowhere, Western Australia
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Naamit has been a member of MMGN since Feb 13 2009.

Wii Friendcode: 5403166314024876

MarioKart FC - 0688-9738-6232
Animal Crossing - 1505-1521-5606 - Name: Naamit - Town: Qwerty
Wii Number - 5403-1663-1402-4876

I have a beautiful baby girl Sabriya (sab-REE-ya) and live in the middle of nowhere with my boyfriend. Not much of a gamer, as such, but love playing the occasional game with people online

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is apparantly stupid for having a baby at 17 ... Im happy with it and I dont care what anyone thinks - but dont think I wont defend my actions either! My baby is my life!!
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