NOT In Diddys Fridge ..... where's the cookies
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Mario Kart
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Where've ya been man
Neeeev, good to see ya you hunk of spunk.
Neville is back! I guess the gigolo job fell through.
I LIKE IT!!!! Nice work
hahahaha you guys are too funny.

this is where I live with my family


Koda said: 5. Buy Koda a Scotch for showing me where Nev lives!

You have a deal, good sir!
heyy how can srobi123 be here on the 14/05/09 when sheeny was.
what is this?!
5. Buy Koda a Scotch for showing me where Nev lives!
Things on my to do list:

1. Hunt Neville down.
2. Rescue my cat.
3. Beat Neville up.
4. Ask Neville for a lift home.
Was here 14/05/09
Confuscious also reckons: Man who feels c0cky all day needs to get c0cky some crumpet. Nah just F*&^'n wid ya's
Confuscious say: Man who walks around with hands in pockets feel c0cky all day.
Mii tired go to bed !
sick puppies
remember u were looking for proverbs the other day, look what i found....

Children suck the mother when they are young and the father when they are old.
English Proverb.

Haha. I just discovered the scary clown at the bottom of my profile page. Don't worry...i've changed the locks, you wont be able to get back in.
bedrooms are boring try the Lift at the Hilton

Keep it in the bedroom Ed!
Gotta go shopping but we will see what unfolds ....why r u in the crappa and who the hell is Rocco?
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