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hey there do you hate ilag as well welcome to the club? :P
Hey Weedgee, I heard from other members Game was selling RDR for $18. :)
Hey Weegee, any RDR yet?
Still up for some races Luigi? Or have those guests of yours refused to leave? XD
Nice to be friends Weege ( as Toki calls you ) thanks for the invite.
How did you go swapping your games last night?
Hey Luigi, have you gone & got RDR yet?
Hey Weegee, hows it going? [monkey]
Hi I'm new.
Hey there Mr. Luigi, you've probably been told thousands of times, but that is one awesome avatar!

Djstudios said: Nice avy dude! ^-^

Thanks man, why are you using that avatar and not your anime looking one from the old mywii?
Nice avy dude! ^-^
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