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MrMoo has been a member of MMGN since Oct 29 2005.

PSN ID: Mr_Moo

Xbox Gametag: MrMoo1985

Steam ID: mrmoo447

Wii Friendcode: 2816751000596243

I like watching the Brisbane Lions in the Australian Football League, the New Zealand Warriors in the Australian National Rugby League and the Brisbane Roar in Football Federation Australia's Hyundai A-League. I am also a supporter of Bono's campaign to rid third world countries of debt and poverty.

Games for Windows Live: See Xbox Live Gametag
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Minecraft: MrMoo1985

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Australian: See PSN ID
U.S: Mr_MooAU

MrMoo has 59 Medals

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    Friendly Fire Show 117: Its not goodbye, its Halo!

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    Friendly Fire Show 118: R.I.P. Tano