People please, it's called that for a reason.
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Mitchel has been a member of MMGN since Apr 01 2010.

PSN ID: Mc_noodle77

Xbox Gametag: Tiny Manticore1

Steam ID: Mc_Noodle

My name is Mitchel, with only one L for some strange reason [Shifty] I am 15 years old and I like games, Pokemon and footy (AFL) I love with all my heart every single bit of Dragon Ball Z, especially Krillin and Bulma. Pokemon also is very big in my life as I grew up with it as well. My fav bands are Blink-182, Linkin Park And Rage Against The Machine

3DS friendcode: 3609 - 1070 - 1413

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I've got to say that I like Boxing Day. I'm a sucker for acoustic. :P

You seeing them live? Saw them on Tuesday night and will probably see them again at Soundwave. They were amazing, besides Travis not being there that is... :S =D
I am bringing shame on the noble profession of whaling :(
That's cause he is [MOG] Who is in yours?

GangStarr said: That's Captain of the DP Police to you citizen.

My mistake, apologies to everyone ;)
My new one will probably scare you more. One of my fav pics but.
That's Captain of the DP Police to you citizen.
Are you the dp police? :P

I'll change it when I have an idea.
like it now? [MOG]
i've just added you for 3ds
Your wall post just made my day! Thank you.
It's Lights.

Enjoy [Derp]

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One of his best tracks!
thanks bro
Yea I'll agree with you there. ;)

Apparently there will be one more single release before the ablum is released in September. Can't wait! =D
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