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About Mintyjam

Mintyjam has been a member of MMGN since Dec 08 2008.

PSN ID: Mintyjam

Steam ID: mintyjam

Wii Friendcode: 3901855126965160 - inactive

DS Friendcode: 3141592653589793

I am a smexy person who like to play with my toys.

I like girl stuff, like JRPG. Anything from GUST, Nippon Ichi or Idea Factory, me like. [Derp]

Hello ladies, look at your man, now back to me. Now back to your man, now back to me. Maybe we could spend some time in my sitting room, sipping martinis while I seduce you with my music.

Animal Crossing fc: 1504-9469-2873

SSBB fc: 5026-8246-5271
MK Wii fc: 1204-5217-6018

Note: Please keep those love letters comming.

Mintyjam has 173 Medals

Mintyjam's Wall

Oh gawd, you make me so hawt.
Peanut butter jelly always taste good elsewhere.
ill see you on MyDS then

Mik3y said: NOOO!! i want to stay here

Find my on MyWii or MyTelly, preferable on MyTelly so that I can BAN you.
NOOO!! i want to stay here

Mik3y said:

MintyJAM ! woot
im bored :
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