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Hi, my name is Blake. I'm a PC and Nintendo gamer most of the time with a bit of Xbox every so often.

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Lucario, Drapion, Electivire, Arcanine and Samurott. Lucario, Drapion and Electivire is from Pearl, Diamond and Platinum up. Arcanine is from Gold, Yellow, Red, Blue, Silver and Gold (The Original Pokemon Versions) and Samurott is from the latest Pokemon, Black And White II. They are all quite good Pokemon but you should add a strong Flying Type to your team. Staraptor from pearl etc. is my favourite and with the four moves, Close Combat, Aerial Ace, Fly and Steel Wing which is learnt through breeding. Funnily enough though Staraptor was my favourite Pokemon before I even knew what Minecraft was it is A 'Predator' Pokemon which is funny because of my name 'MCpreditor'.
Thanks Tsunamo! :D
Nice Display picture, Magmantis! Nice to see another Kingdom Hearts fan on here! =D
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