Canberra, ACT
Level 22 15294 Kudos 1706 Kudos Till Level 23

About Loupek

Loupek has been a member of MMGN since Mar 30 2007.

Xbox Gametag: LouPek

I have a head shaped like a rockmelon!!!

Loupek has 29 Medals

Loupek's Wall

A wild Loupek appears! [MOG]
Hi :)

Just came here because I read your status

"crap, i cant believe i'm been here for than 3 years. That surely means i was a member here long before the internet was invented"

Cracked me up- came to say "Its hilarious"
Was greeted with the spider carrying spiders .gif , pooped my pants and now I'm leaving!!

You should have this one too Lou.

I'll just leave this here

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