Geelong, Victoria
Level 16 4361 Kudos 639 Kudos Till Level 17

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Ledski has been a member of MMGN since Feb 15 2008.

PSN ID: Ledski

Steam ID: orangeback

PS1 (Square not curved)
PS2 x2 (Phat and Slim)
PS3 Slim 120gb
PSP Slim x2 ( Simpsons Yellow and Piano Black)

Gameboy x2 (I think one died)
Gameboy Color x2 (Light blue + Purple)
Gameboy Advance x2 (See through with blueish tint + Purple)
Gameboy SP (Silver)
Nintendo DS (Original, silver)

Ledski has 52 Medals

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Oh hi ^_^

Hi, just a quick question.

Do you like pants?

I can do it with one finger, you can do it with your whole hand.

but.. but why?
Look at it!

It's bacon and eggs. With the sizzling affect on the bacon ^_^
Whats this trophy?
Hi ^_^

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