In your house stealing your stuff..
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Leasha has been a member of MMGN since Jan 07 2009.

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Hey my name is Leasha!
People smell :D

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Like my new Tattoo?

McQueen said: Hi there ^.^ and thanks!

Hi there ^.^ and thanks!


@ your modding

I love the Homer Montage (Him growing up) Fantastic :)
Like your Simpsons :P
Your page is now this cool:

Lol kids playing with dildos these days.. Back in my day we had sticks ;)

~BC~ said: Is your avatar implying that you're a lesbian?

I wish.

I see

My mum said you were bad and said to never come back.
Is your avatar implying that you're a lesbian?
Wouldn't want to steal cred of that magnitude, :P
I agree, you can for sure find therapy through the tediousness of it all. Really appreciate the feedback too. I've said it a few times, possibly the most positive forum in the universe.
Thanks! I haven't really just sat and written since i was in year 12, finding it surprisingly challenging. I guess when it comes to something your passionate about, at the very least what you write won't sound forced. Also, your use of the word "kitteh" has infected my vocabulary. [Rage]
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