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Jubilee has been a member of MMGN since Apr 07 2009.

Steam ID: jeannius88

Hello, names Jeann and I'm part of the MMGN team writing content for the website.

So basically, I have always been a gamer even before the sims came out. I've played Diablo, Starcraft, The Longest Journey, Grim Fandango, and a bunch of other games. Mostly I like adventure games. MY FAVOURITE game now though is Left 4 Dead! And it still is even after playing Bioshock and Starcraft II (Although they are both awesome).

My Steam ID is jeannius88

That's about all folks, thanks for looking.

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Hey! Thank you! ^_^

Oh hai ^_^
Hai guys! What a bright lovely Pikachu :D

I have a Pikachu plushie here :)

Hai Jeann! =D

Yay, some of my favourite people! ;)
Well Doolan you have come to the right place! Read your PM
Hey Hey i need muchos help and by the sounds of it youre the person who can help me ok right? ok. so ive been forum hunting for a long time and then i found this quote

"I don't have a wireless router, so I bought a WIFI LINK USB DONGLE (from DealExtreme) and configured it, so now I can connect to the internet with my Wii and the DS. It's kinda complicated setting up though but it pays off in the end."

could you maybe tell me how this went down cuz im pretty desperate to get the wii online i mean THATS WHAT VIDEO GAMING IS THESE DAYS - ONLINE!. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE HELP ME!


LeishaChu said: oh the lols... xD

Because of me or K-man?
oh the lols... xD
Wow raging on my profile! *finds a corner and camps out*

K-M4N said:

airwalkman said: oh k-m4n what are you a online cop?

You need your sarcasm level fixed..

JPrincess said: Hello people!

Harrow Jeann!

O.k., you know what, k-m4n? you whine and complain WAY to much. Maybe nobody else stood up to you, but I AM. So SHUT IT, K-M4N!
Heh, cute profile picture. Well, the profile picture says alot about the real person.
There's no sarcasm online! it's just words

airwalkman said: what's sarcasm

It is a poetic form of expression. It ranges from effiminacy to downright gangbusterism.
what's sarcasm
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