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Pls stop being cute with your new avatar. Thks.
G'day mate, added your 3DS FC

Mine is 4940 5493 6134
That new dp is a few frames after mine [MOG].
Futas can be kawaii; you'd make a much better futa. ^_^
Is that Finn and Jake I see on your location? *_*

Mizui said: Oh hai. I'm not gonna bother pointing anything out here but... Ha.

Oh you, aren't you a clever one [Shifty]
Oh hai. I'm not gonna bother pointing anything out here but... Ha. (evil)
If your reading this and you don't own Journey on PS3

What’s your favourite Asian pop group/singer or song?
I like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, her songs are super awesome *_*
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Jason, do you watch PopAsia? best.music.show.ever.
hahah squid girl thats is funny
Oh nice, nice! O: Nisemonogatari. <3 Tsukihi <3
Ah, that seems good. O: How's it working out for you?
I'm just chatting, wondering if I should watch more FT or not. u.u
Thanks Jason. :D

I'm pretty bored atm. So what you up to?
Hey Jason! Thanks for the friend request. Glad to see another Otaku. :D
vOh hi ^_^


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