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Heller has been a member of MMGN since Apr 05 2007.

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Hey Guys!

My name is Steve but everyone just calls me Heller. I'm an editor here at the glorious site that is MMGN.com.

I've been gaming since I was a non speaking blob and it's a hobby I will never break. Mainly a PC gamer but I own all current consoles and I'm a self-confessed Nintendo fanboy.

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Hi I was trying to enter the forum to enter best Minecraft story by posting in the Minecraft Adventures thread but I could not.
I am working with a primary school student on Minecraft He has also done a project on Lego Movie 2014. He is enjoying minecraft at home as well. On the ipad he enjoys "All Tile Craft on pocket", Crafted - A Minecraft Guide, Wallpapers for minecraft, Block War Defend You Fortress Minecraft Style Skins, Puzzle game and Minecraft Pocket Edition Thanks
Hey mate. Just trying to find out if you sent that game? It still hasn't arrived and I hadn't heard from you.. been almost 2 weeks since you said you would send it..
Hey mate ill grab sonic all stars wii u off you for $35 including shipping, if its still available? Cheers, David.
Yes he does... :P Just testing the Kudos theory...
Wow, marge has more posts on his wall than heller [WTF]

Whats a wiki mods job? :O
I have added you on 3DS, just so you know
If you wish to add me, my friend code is...
Place it under Adrian if you wish :)
P.S Great racing in MK7
Nice update with MyGames, love the 60's Motel font! =D
No problem, I realized what your avatar was so I Laughed and found that pic, Arrested dev rocks *_*
Oh hi ^_^

Oh, Tobias, you blow hard!

W84NO1 said:

Holy Dicksnitch I stared at that for 20minutes.

Any news on the sizes broski? =D
Hey, how do you change your profile picture on MMGN?
Go back to the Water Temple, Josh...

...Well, as a matter of fact, I completed it last night, at 1:15AM in the morning.

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