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Hey Gunz RDR game Thursday the 19th if you want to join in.
Follow the link at the bottom.
Hey Gunz, all cool on the error messages as it's a random thing, as sometimes I can play with my PSN mates & the next night we get error messages, so dam frustrating.
Last night was the worst ever, know one on PSN could connect to co-op play, but we could play free roam together & still some members had error messages.
I really hope they patch this problem.
Sorry for shooting you last night, lol.
I was trying to shoot the lawmen.
We'll play some multi soon friend.
Gunz my man add my PSN details so we can play online. :)
Bummer Gunz, I was just online with PSN but I was playing single player, add me please & we'll play sometime during the week.
I'm only level 20, so take it easy on
Haven't played online for a few weeks & also the free DLC comes out this week so there will be some new gang hideouts & missions added. :)
Hey Gunz, I noticed your got RDR, great game.
If you want to play online sometime sends me your PSN or mines on my profile page.
Enjoy the game as it's awesome :)
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